Royally Cringed.

Watching body language experts on Youtube yesterday break down Prince Andrew’s interview inside the Queen’s palace was so much fun. It’s always gratifying seeing the muckamucks cringe 😬 as their lies and deceptions come to the fore. This dude’s underwear must have been soaking wet by the end of the presser because the lady interrogatorContinue reading “Royally Cringed.”

White Is…!

White is Education. White is the power structure designed by Master Masons of whom I can speak. White is the goal, as blurred lines brought Paula Patton’ s ten year marriage to its knees. As such White is the police 👮‍♀️ 👮 🚓 whose C.P.R. never seems to resuscitate the pulmonary test for the poorContinue reading “White Is…!”